Convenient Pawn Shop in Ames, IA

Are you looking to get your hands on some extra cash? Is your basement or attic cluttered with antiques that you no longer have room for? Express Pawn is an established pawn shop conveniently located in Ames, IA, and we're constantly looking to expand our inventory. Whether you're hoping to sell or pawn your items, we'll be happy to review what you have to offer.

Show Us What You've Got

Many people are too quick to assume that their collectables aren't worth the trouble of visiting a pawn shop. But at Express Pawn, our philosophy is that you never know how valuable your belongings truly are until you have them evaluated by an expert. Our educated staff is well-equipped to assess the items you're looking to cash in, and we'll always aim to offer the best possible price so that you can walk away satisfied.

For more information or to get your belongings appraised, call or visit our Ames, IA pawn shop today.